We can do better

David Swimwear makes better fitting, better looking swimwear. We do so by prioritizing local, sustainable, and ethical practices. 

We partner with sustainable suppliers who rescue fishing nets from the ocean floor, and regenerate it into a soft and breathable, 100% sustainable fabric. Not only is it twice as resistant to chlorine and suntan creams and oils than competitors’ fabrics, it means your swimwear has the potential to be recycled indefinitely without ever losing its quality.

We spent months developing 100% original swimwear, to fit better and look better than anything else. We manufacture locally in Los Angeles, CA, ensuring all workers paid above minimum wage, work in safe conditions, and have access to healthcare benefits. We sourced local fabric suppliers for our classic beach trunk look. 


Not fast fashion. Made in USA

We do our best, and challenge others to do the same.




David Swimwear was born from my own need for "cute, quality swimwear that actually fits." Something which apparently did not exist...

Wearing David Swimwear says that you value community. It says that you care about the environment, ethics, morals, AND took responsible action against fast fashion and sweatshops.... and that you have a great eye for fashion!

I hope you love these. I hope you feel relief, comfort, and confident. And feel good about shopping local and supporting small business.


When you wear a swimsuit, it's the only thing you're wearing. It speaks for you. It's a first impression. What does yours say? 

-Brian Liebson